Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RbW: Riding at the Crack of Ass

After the snow we got Monday temperatures were holding at 32/33 degrees all night and I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to Ride before Work.  Ended up popping smoke around 6 on the nose and it was perfect!

The Spot was handling beautifully in the snow, largely I think due to the 2.4 Schwable upfront.  Lots of coyote and fox tracks on the trails, too.

I was able to ride the entire length of the Poly Brody without dabbing but on the Gussy I had a few issues.  It's no contest and such a joy to be out in such terrific conditions.

Probably want be back on the Gussy for another week since the weather forecast for Wednesday is a possible high of 55 degrees and thunder showers, and we are in the heart of winter!  Probably riding the fixie on the trainer on Thursday.  I am, however, going to start riding Tuesday and Thursdays in the mornings at Upper Paugussett and then save the weekends for elsewhere.  That will change when I start riding to work again.  This year I am going to shoot for 1000 miles!

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