Monday, January 07, 2013

Having fun in the snow

Last year, we had one snow that I might have gone XC skiing in but I was still recuperating from knee surgery so that didn't happen.  At Christmas, we got a couple of inches that I was able to go out an ski.  My favorite place is Fairfield Hills in Newtown, CT.

There were some bare spots but still enough snow to get a good work out in.

The weekend before new years, we got another 5 to 6 inches which made for some really good skiing at Fairfield Hills.

While it was sunny, the wind made things a lot colder.

In fact the wind had created some deep drifts that were up to my knees in some places

My route took me by an impromptu memorial for the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
I stopped here and said a little prayer for the fallen

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