Monday, November 05, 2007

Dump, dump, Goose!

A good friend of mine saw this frame at the town dump and thought I might be able to do something with it. Well here it is, the first ever Mongoose 69er! I have the Qstick upfront with the 29er wheel and the 26er wheel in the back.

For one, thing, this is where I got the Rock Shock Jett for the Fixation. So, after stripping it down, even took the shock off and was about to send it back to the dump, when I realized that it has a unified rear triangle. That is where the bottom bracket (where the crank arms connect to the frame) and the rear axel are connected and the suspension is off of this triangle. This idea came to me while daydreaming one day only to find out that it's been done before. I figured since I have all the parts I need, it would be a snap to assemble.

As for riding, I have only ridden on the Monroe Rail Trail with it pulling the boys in the Burley Trailer. It rides like a comfort bike and the center suspension takes the bumps out of your back. Need to take it out on some single track and see how it really rides but I am having too much fun with my 'Horse and Qball right now. For now, it's the kid puller and it also proves a point that I can fit four bikes in my garage. In fact, I think I can fit 5 bikes. So, we'll see what next summer brings to the stable!

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