Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Valley Trail Ride with the Boys

As you can see, Brodie (on the left) did not want to be crammed into the Burley with his brother. I also forgot that Brodie doesn't like to have wind blown in his face, so by the time we got down to Handle Road, he was screaming. Climbing was no problem but when ever I started to move, he did not like it.

Break time! Maybe a little food and water will help? Brodie loved getting out but did not want to get back in.

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Getting these two boys to pose together is impossible. Needless to say, we did a six mile loop and there was a lot of crying by Brodie. Until he is older, I think this is the last time I take him for a ride in the Burley.


jwlintz said...

I'm thinking of relocating to Newtown in the next few months and was wondering what the cross-country riding opportunities might be. I'm not a fan of technical stuff but love to go fast on dual and single track. I don't always even need a "track", sometimes an open meadow works well. Right now in NJ I have a 12 mile trail that takes me through the woods, hills, dales and fields of some local county/state land. Anything like this within Newtown?


Mark said...


Jersey isn't known for much riding opportunities but you'll find plenty of riding in Newtown and the surrounding communities.