Thursday, August 03, 2006

XGruntry, now that's a new one!

I came across an interesting Ride Recap (or Recrap) on that I thought was really fitting to the way I ride right now with my 40 pounder (Giant AC) in which the rider describes his style of riding with a heavier bike as XGruntry. Feel free to read the whole recrap but simply stated:
XGruntry riding (XG is when you have an XStuntry bike but you suck at riding it and don't have the quads yet for real XC on a flearide 40 lb. bike, so it's XGruntry)
I think the describes exactly the way I ride with my bike. I am no hammer god, more like an XCountry wannabe and every once-in-while, I will willing fling myself off some sort of natural stunt. So, I am changing my own vernacular from XStuntry to XGruntry.

Thanks Mr. Pink!

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