Sunday, August 13, 2006

I got pedals!

I put Shimano PD-545s on the Q Ball because I wanted the ability to feel comfortable riding unclipped and besides the CrankBrothers Mallet C/Ms, these seemed to be the best pedal for that use. I thought the Mallets were too wide, by the way. Taking the Q Ball in for a few minor adjustments to the braking and chain, and I think I am going to replace the 20t rear cog with a 22t.

Still haven't found a replacement seatpost and saddle for the Trail-a-bike, yet. There is a guy on Bustedspoke who is still trying to get me pictures of his two seat posts, but by the time that is all transacted and done I probably won't see that item until next week. If I go with Performance Bike, Jenson, or Nashbar, and get 2nd day delivery, I will have the items by Friday.

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