Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here is my Q Ball

Brown delivered at 12:40 PM! After unpacking it, called Scott and he walked me through putting it together and here it is. No pedals because I just ordered them from my LBS and they should be in next week - but I still can't ride on account of my surgery. I am waiting the full three weeks because there is still some discomfort down there that I don't want to risk and wind up not being able to ride for even a longer period of time. So, a ride report to follow in the near future.

Oh, did I mention how lite this bike is? It is so lite that when I picked it up I couldn't believe I was picking up a bike! Awesome.

I built a nice holder for the Q Ball in the garage last night. God, I love them big wheels and I can't wait to start riding them! C'mon guys, heal! Heeeeeeaaaalllll!

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