Sunday, August 06, 2006

I've become a 29er Junkie ...

... and I don't even have my bike yet. I can't wait, although, I am still recouperating from my surgery and the doc says no riding for at least three weeks. Grrrrrrrr. I am just really excited. Of course from what I have read so far, going rigid and single speed is a completely different platform and there will be big changes to my riding style, XGruntry. Oh, and don't forget I am going clipless, too. While I am waiting, I have been reading all there is to read on on 29ers.

Yesterday, I went to my LBS and ordered a pair of Louis Garneau shoes and Shimano PM-545. Still not sure about the bar ends, though. The ones they had a the shop didn't jazz me so I am going to continue looking around.

I did ride around my drive way the other day on my AC by lowering the seat post way down and that was pretty comfortable but the reason for the check out was to see how its running and it was terrible. I had tried adjusting the front deraileur but I think I screwed it up because it stopped working all together. And the rear deraileur wasn't so hot either but I have learned not to touch that. I think once I get bike holder set up in the garage I might take another shot at bike maintenance.

Brown says that the boxes were picked up at 8 PM in Lansing, MI and arrived 2 hours later in Livonia. Then they were put on a truck for the east coast and Brown says they are still in transit. Well, the garage is not ready for the Q Ball anyway, in fact both SUVs aren't parking in the garage anymore because I've torn it all assunder to in my effort to finally organize it. I went through 10 boxes from the move and chucked about 65% of the contents.

This all started out because I had to find the key to my table saw that I still hadn't found since we moved from Ridgefield. I went through 20 boxes and guess which one I found it in? The twentieth. Then I find out that the table saw wasn't going to work, so I had to go back to the mitre saw but I still needed find a component to make that work. That was in the same box. I was able to cut up the 4x4 I bought at Lowes in order to fix the stairs leading up to my deck.

Lowes just opened up in Danbury. Shiny new store and aisles but unlike HomeDepot, there is no one to help you find anything or have any expertise on any of the products that you are looking at. Selection seems to be more limited as well. Probably go back to HomeDepot. OK, enough rambling.

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