Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nooner in Paugussett

Got out today for a lunch time ride. Got to ride on the new rear tire and it was nice. Not sure if its just me or was it the new tire but I was hammering pretty nicely today. Rode the east side of the Polly Brody without the granny gear. On the way up I happened to notice some tire tracks on the Polly Brody and two or three hundred yards in a few clumps of trees were marked for what I would imagine is some thinning.

I wonder if they are planning on some harvesting back there. It looks like where this is going to happen is where my middle trail eventually pops out if you come in by the tree stand. Might have to take a ride back there to see what it is exactly they will be doing. The unfortunate thing about these logging operations is that they really tend to tear up the forest floor. All the "trails" that I have been riding these days were originally logging roads.

After crossing the last stream I rode over to the dropzone drop and thought about trying to find a way back up to the break in the stone wall but looking at the slope I couldn't find a good line to climb so instead I went looking for a connection to Al's trail. That turned into a bushwhack and I think I whacked my rear derailuer again. Curses! Tomorrow I am riding Mianus and now my bike is on the fritz.

Tried fixing it myself and I think I made it worse. I am going to have to take it down to Hickory and Tweed tomorrow at some point during the day. I think its time that I stick to better trails or learn how to fix my bike if this is going to continue to happen.

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