Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CTNEMBA has a new and improved Website!

Check out the new CTNEMBA (CT Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association) website! Just in case you’ve not heard of us before:

Like some of the great hiking organizations, we're a full-featured, one-stop mountain bike group. We offer over 1000 organized rides a year; do umpteen thousands of hours of volunteer trail work, have bike patrols, and act as a resource about mountain biking throughout New England, including doing a great deal of work in the state of Connecticut. Our mission is to make sure that we can continue to pedal on New England trails, and to protect these trails and open spaces by providing an organization that can harness the energies of like-minded enthusiasts (that's you) to give back the trails, which give us so much pleasure and peace of mind.

So, if you are a mountain biker and not a member, and want to help preserve Mountain Biking in Connecticut, I ask you to join. You can be a passive member and decide to do nothing or just show up at the events or you can really get involved. I knew that with all my kids, it will be tough for me to do TM events and what not in the immediate future so that is why I thought I would instead apply my business and technical savy to the good of the club. I have taken over as the Membership Director and I am working hard on building the chapter membership.

Your support, just by membership dues alone, which by the way are tax deductable, will help us put on events like the upcoming Fall Fiesta, a new Spring/Summer weekly ride event, and build new trails like the Charles Ives Trail and an Epic Trail in the Cockaponset SF.

On another note, I rode the drop zone route (my new name for the trail) but after the drop, still can't find a consistent way back to the Polly Brody. I followed what looked like an animal path on Wednesday but it also could have been from me, too. Have to go back and check my tires to see if I developed any more leaks as a result of riding through the barberries.

[Edit 4/8/2006]Checked my tires this morning and guess what? Rear tire is flat! That is the last time I am riding through the barberries. Might have to see if I can find a connection to Al's trail otherwise its back to the hike-a-bike.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shameless plug for CTNEMBA! I'm the WebMaster over at CTNEMBA, and second Mark's request to bring on the participation!

Brian (A.k.a. BigBlueBottle over at the CTNEMBA forums.)