Friday, March 31, 2006

Drop Zone

Taking advantage of the really nice weather yesterday, I rode my logging trail again and its getting good. Just have find some more lose rocks to get over the first tree. Looks like I may have found a good alternative to the hike-a-bike situation that leads back up to the Polly Brody. Instead of going up over the hill, I am now staying to the right and following yet another old logging road that leads to a really nice drop. It has sweet ramp up, you come down a slight incline and then perched right next to this tree is a big rock that the 19th Century Farmers obviously couldn't move. The rock has a nice ramp up and then you launch out into a nice clearing, well sort of. There are some little trees that sort of make it treacherous if you don't hit it at the right angle. Other than that, its beautiful! The only downside to this route extension is that I haven't found a good connection to either back to the Polly Brody or down to Al's Trail (although I wasn't really looking for that, I think that might be something to consider.

As you can see where it looks like a loop, I made the hard left and did the hike-a-bike and as I was riding down the Polly Brody I saw a little trail off to the right which I turned around and followed. It lead to a break in a stone wall that was fashioned into stairs but after the stairs the trail gets lost. Following my nose I wound up at the start of the hike-a-bike. When I turned around I could see the outline of a road and started following it when I came to this rock.

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