Sunday, March 19, 2006

Out and About

Saturday Huntington Ride

Rode with the MeatMan (aka VinceMeat or Crankfire acclaim) - he has an awesome bike, an Intense 6.6. Dude was wearing body armor, too, it was around 35 degrees, not really muddy. Did a few rollers, fell over once. Rode the NEMBA trail (super techy). Overall, a pretty good 4+ mile at that Park. I was whipped afterwards.

So, here is where we rode:

And her is a blow-up of the NEMBA Trail:

Brewster Loop Recon

New guy on Crankfire mentioned there is a place to ride over in Brewster, NY that he calls the Brewster Loop. I had to pick something up for my wife in that area and my son fell asleep, so rather than wake him, I drove around these beautiful reservoirs looking for trailheads. Well, I found them and marked them with my GPS. The only question is whether this is a legitimate place to ride because its NYC watershed property. Friends over at basically have said that the Watershed Hiking pass is just for hiking. On the other hand, someone else mentioned, I think it was that the Village Bike Shop (Carmel, NY) runs a ride there Tuesday evenings. I got the number for the shop but have to talk to the shop owner.

As far as the trails go, the topography looks good. Lots of climbing but real long trails.

Upper Paugussett Workouts

Still riding in the Upper Paugussett, mainly for a quick 1 hour 4 mile workout. Mainly riding in from Tamarack/Sanford Road, doing the Polly Brody Forest Road, jumping off onto an old logging road that heads down towards Lillynonah and then pick up another logging road that meets up on the back side of the hill near Hanover.

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