Thursday, March 09, 2006

Upper Paugussett back in the limelight!

Got an interesting call this evening from someone who is on the CT Horse Council about the Upper Paugussett State Forest and it appears that this concept of a multi-use trail is finally getting some traction.

So, it looks like CHC is leading the charge and getting NEMBA, CFPA, DEP, and CHC together to try to put something together for this trail. If this comes to fruition, then the Upper Paugussett would definitely have some nice trails in it. The reason they contact me is because I am the man with the maps. Now that is cool!

So here is the existing blue blazed trail (above) along the west side of the forest. The red is the Jeep Trail/Forest Road/aka Pauly Brody Road. And here is where the Multi-use trail would go.

I have ridden the proposed multi-use trail a few times last year before I discovered the intentions of NBLA. I recall discovering some new markings and imporvements being made but as of late, I haven't been too interested in this trail, after all its technically blue blazed trail and you are not supposed to ride it. So, I haven't. I have been enjoying all the other trails in the forest, like the ROW trail I found that parallels the proposed Multi-use trail.

I have also been riding quite a few new trails. One that comes off the Jeep Road heading west then starts climbing. I have almost climbed the whole hill. I will get there. Once at the top of the hill this trail pushes into the interior of the forest. I still see foot prints in the snow and mud so its obvious that others are using this trai, no waffle prints except my own.

About two weeks ago I hung a right off the Jeep Trail at the top of the highest hill within the forest and found a really nice logging road that is fun to ride that actually connects up with an old road similar to the ROW trail I found last fall. Here are a couple of rides. The green, yellow, and red lines, at the top of the image follow along this new trail. It beats going down the forest road. The cool thing is if the Multi-use trail does go in, this new loop will connect nicely to it.

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