Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This weather is driving me nuts!

So, I was working from home on Thursday and really wanted to ride in the morning before it started snowing but by 9 AM it was still around 20 degrees. Then it started to snow. Drat.

On Saturday, my daughter was spending the night at her grandmothers and I blew the afternoon shopping. Curses!

Finally, Sunday morning, after picking up the princess at her grandmothers and driving back to Newtown, I finally got out on the trail. Sorry, no map. Got GPS data but I basically rode the reverse of the trail that I found on the north side of the jeep trail, aka Polly Brodie Road. I think I found where the trail/road goes that will hook up with the old road that I found. I need ride it going down again.

This ride I was going up and it was basically just a hike-a-bike. If the trail was decent I could probably ride it, of course with no snow. I think once I figure it all out this is going to really make riding in forest fun with a couple of 6 mile loops to choose from.

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