Sunday, May 21, 2023

2023 Bloomin' Metric with Dad


My dad is 80 years old and he's still riding. Granted, he mostly rides in doors on a trainer but when I suggested we ride this year's Bloomin' Metric he started riding every day for the last two months just to get ready.  Back in 2010 was the first time I rode the Bloomin' with my daughter, Katie, on a Burley Tandem Bike that I borrowed from a friend and eventually ended up buying from him. I also rode the tandem with my son, Elliot, too.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Riding the Middle Finger

My Middle Finger Route is a 45 mile route from my house, or any point along the way, that is one loop. As some you know who ride with me, I have routing dysphoria in which I don't like having any overlap to my routes. You don't get that with this one, that's for sure. It's one of my favorites because of the many sights along the way and towards the end of the route there is an ice cream place, bakeries, cafes, and a brewery to replenish all the carbs you just burnt.

Don't you hate showing up to a ride and only discover that you have a flat tire? That's what happened to Scotty Friday when I invited him to ride from my house on my Middle Finger Route through the Litchfield Hills. Kind of apropo in a way, you just want to throw the bird at that tube!  I gave him a spare tube from my box of tricks and we got him rolling in no time.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Rabbi Hill


Friday afternoon concluded a long work week and I headed over to Mike's with Scotty with the intention of riding 40 miles from Mike's to Kent Falls Brewery for a beer and back. Just as we were leaving Mike's driveway, Scott was trying to start his Strava on his phone and ride at the same time. His front tire slipped off the driveway pavement and dished out causing him to fall over and he landed on his elbow.  The bike had a few scuffs on the bar tape but his elbow was a mess.

Monday, May 08, 2023

Run to the Hills

I needed some Hill Therapy to see what a lot of climbing would do with my current condition and I wanted to see how the Trek climbs, too, so I headed north from Chez Cyclesnack after work on Monday.  

Sunday, May 07, 2023

Double Header

On Saturday I met up with the Newtown Lunartics for the weekly ride to OOF, aka Ovens of France.  I brought the Trek because I am still getting used to and wanted more time in the saddle before relegating it to its intended purpose as an indoor training bike.  Scott brought his neighbor Rich, who needs to start training for the Bloomin Metric in two weeks.