Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mountain Biking during hunting season at Upper Paugussett State Forest

Due to Winter Storm Benji bearing down on Southern New England last Saturday I suggested to my son that we skip his first day of his ski race team training and I would take him skiing at Jiminy Peak on Sunday instead.  He was more that enthusiastic about that since the first day they weren't going to spend all day skiing and he really just loves to ski.  That mean that I was free to ride!

I did some chores in the morning while waiting for the snow to accumulate, no sense taking the big girl out to play with just a dusting, and by the time there was around an inch of snow on the ground I headed out.  Realizing that it was Saturday and on the tail end of dear season I made sure to get all oranged up because Upper Paugussett is an active hunting forest.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Do not leaf blow the trails at Upper Paugussett or any other trails else for that matter!

I saw this post on Strava today and I really wish people would take a moment and try to understand the impact they are having by leaf blowing the trails:

Actually, you are not awesome, in fact you are doing more harm than good!

It's really detrimental to the trails when this happens.  Leaves shed water and keep the treadway from soaking in all that extra moisture.  Trails at Upper Paugussett were so good you could ride them after a really good rain storm but now that they are uncovered people really need to let them dry out, now.  Not that many riders actually do that any more or seem to care.

If you don't believe me then checkout a few of these threads on MTBR:

The real price of leaf blowing

Here is an excellent video on why we do not remove leaves from our trails.

Yes,  leaves make it more challenging to walk, run or ride but by leaving the leaves on the trail makes them more sustainable in the long run.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Fat Amy was Jones-n for H

Yet another biking conundrum ... how to dress for cold weather mountain biking.  The last time I rode Fat Amy was early September and it was still summer.  I lucked out this afternoon and picked the right combination of gear and was neither too hot nor too cold.

About a month into my recovery I got the girl ready to ride thinking that I could at least ride some rail trails. I went back to my original flat pedals and I put on a Jeff Jones H-Bar.  These bars remind me of my old FuBars. What's so special about these bars and any kind of swept back bars?  It's a more natural way you would hold your arms, thus reducing the stress on your wrists. 

Back to Work!

My brace came off Monday and the Orthopedist gave me the go ahead to start riding outdoors again however that presented a new hurdle because haven't the spent the last two months adjusting to the increasing cold temperatures as winter slowly rolls in.  For my first ride, however, by some stroke of luck, I got it right.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Zwifting: PC vs iPhone

I had been using my laptop to run Zwift and it worked great. I got an Ant+ adapter and it picked up all my sensors. I was also able to use the Zwift Mobile Link app, too.  However, since I was sharing the laptop with my son it became difficult to ride when he was using the machine, and he was starting to use a lot more frequently.  That meant that I needed another solution. 

I was picking up my Synapse at Brookfield Bicycle Center after getting it overhauled, I think I had a 3K miles on the cassette and chain, and it was shifting like crap, and as I was talking to Shawn about Zwift he showed me this dongle called an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter.  It has two ports, one for power and another for HDMI, which meant I could connect my iPhone directly to my TV and run Zwift that way.