Thursday, March 23, 2017

Faux Spring and Cold AF

My new favorite #rideafterwork area is Easton , Connecticut.  It's about 15 to 20 minutes from the office and in the direction of home so it makes perfect sense to stop off and get a few miles in.

I expanded the route a bit to push it over 20 miles and it included some new roads that I have never been on like Wilson Ave, Beers Road, and Morehouse Highway.

It was simply COLD AF!  I brought my lobsters but went with gloves with overmits and my hands didn't warm up until 6 miles into the ride.  By the time my hands were warm my chest cooled off considerably.  That's when I checked the temperature and it said 30 degrees!

My legs got cold 5 miles out from Aspetuck Park where I started.  Temperature on the Garmin read 28 degrees when I got back to the car.

A little Shabadoo from Berkshire Brewing Company helped take the edge off!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fat Amy doesn't like it deep

I got out of work on time and high tailed it home. It was so warm today I figured that the snow probably melted enough that I was hoping it would be rideable on Fat Amy.

I was grossly mistaken.  The ride was more hike-a-bike than anything. In the deeper snow there just wasn't enough traction to get keep moving at a decent pace. In the shallower stuff it was good but the bad spots out numbered the good by quite a bit.

The trail gnomes took care of the blow down by the Snowtober Reroute. They did a great job creating what looks like a pretty challenging log ride.  

Over by the Three Bears Roller my front wheel dished out in some deeper snow and I experienced my first slow mo endo in which I landed on my palms.

While the ride totally sucked the workout benefit was great.  I came home hot and sweaty, and feeling fantastic. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

RAW on the Spring Equinox

I met Gavin for a quick Ride After Work starting from Aspetuck Park and heading up to the top of Sport Hill and back.  It seems that Old Man Winter is not giving into the coming of spring to easily.

Temperatures today were in the 50s but as the sun set the mercury began to fall and by the end of the ride is was 37 degrees!

There is still quite a bit of snow on the ground but hopefully the warmer temperatures this week will cause this to melt.  The snow and the warm air cause some really interesting temperature inversions.

Once at the top of Sport Hill we rode over to North Park Ave on Stepney Road.  Not my favorite because it has two blind curves but its your only choice.  What I love about the route is how straight both Sport Hill and North Park Ave are.

By the time we neared the Easton Library it was time for lights but the spectacular sunset and clouds off in the distance made for some breath taking views.

After words I enjoyed a nice Berkshire Brewing Company Cabin Fever Ale.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ménage et trois avec Fat Amy et Nor'easter Stella

The Blizzard of 2017, or Nor'easter Stella as it was called by some in the weather community came on gradually Tuesday morning and by the time I got dressed and ready to ride we already had 4 to 5 inches of snow.  I went for little lighter attire this time around because my orange, Columbia Windstopper Hunting Jacket is just way to warm for anything greater than 25 degrees F.  However, rather than lobster gloves, I went with my OR overmits (sans liners) and a pair of ski glove liners.

Not only getting down the driveway Tuesday morning was a challenge but the road I live on wasn't plowed yet and riding on it was tough.  By the time I hit the dirt road that leads to the state forest I thought of turning back but I was still optimistic that the riding would get better at some point. It didn't.

The section of the Poly Brody that is usually wet this time of year was a frozen sheet of ice that I had to walk.  Further up the access road I stopped near the same spot I stopped on Friday to take a few pictures.  Below is a Friday vs Tuesday.

After the intersection with the Kissing Oak Trail (aka White Trail) I realized that my back brake was frozen. I think snow had gotten into the caliper and then froze.  When I discovered that I decided that I would just ride the fire road.

Having only the front brake meant I had to hang my rear as far back off the seat as I could to prevent an endo. I stopped near the Old Jalopy for a sip of water and then headed down to the road.    

The road was finally plowed which made riding a lot easier. It was still slippery, though.

I think next time, in snow this deep I will XC skiing or snow shoeing.