Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Ride after work for Ice Cream and Beer


Seeing I had no discomfort following Monday's ride I joined Riding Club Ilumenati's Ferris Acres season opener.  

Starting out, there was plenty of light after 6 PM as we headed north up to Christmas Tree and the cooler. 

I struggled up Pine Tree Road and Meeker and continuously off the back of the Groupetto.
Three weeks off the bike took its toll and I think I was just taking it slow and not trying to over do it, too.

Scotty D brought the scooper

and Mat O dished out the Cow Trax.

Tadej had his own special spot.

The new fork and brakes on the Jamis gave the bike a really nice feel with great stopping power.

On the way back, we hit the Baldweenie CCW Strava Segment.

Headlights came on as we were headed down Huntingtown Road. I started with three layers and my might riding jacket but took off a layer at the Creamery. The third layer was over kill with the jacket.

In terms of riding dirt, I was a little wary on Garder Road but it wasn't that bad.

On the rail trail we found a tree down. It must have just happened but I didn't recall if it was windy earlier in the day. Certainly wasn't windy this evening.

We celebrated my return with beers and pretzels at the start point.

The following day I was a little sore and there was an after work function which had me standing for a couple of hours and my back started to ache. On the way home, I stopped off at the office and picked up my ice pack that I forgot and iced my back on the drive home. Felt much better.

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