Monday, April 24, 2023

First ride on the Crossbow

The issue with my back and spine is improving every day and was going to go for a ride on Sunday but the weather wasn't cooperating so I had to settle for a ride after work on Monday. It's important to not push it and go all out so I took the Ridley down to the lake where I figured I would get some nice lighting for some bike pictures.

On Sunday, I did put on new tires. I have some different mismatched 40c's laying around but I wasn't sure they would even fit in the rear triangle, although the seller said it could take up to a 40c. I found these Vittoria's that I was using on the Sex Machine but after two flats I ditched.  I figure for the time being I won't be riding any dirt with them and they should be OK. 

It came with Shimano mountain bike pedals and I could not get them off.  I took it over to Brad who used the mother of all pedal wrenches, a Park Tool PW-4, and the pedals were off like a prom dress after the prom.

To get to Lake Lillinonah, I have to ride down to the Pond Brook Boat ramp and the up this punchy little wall on Hanover Road and a little more ascent before the long descent to the lake. Hitting that climb I downshifted and found that it wouldn't hold the gear. Uh Oh.  I dropped out of the big ring and took a Mulligan and it still wouldn't hold gear but I was able to get up the hill. Either the hanger is bent or it just needs some fine tuning.

I headed back to the barn and threw it on the rack and inspected the rear hanger and it looked bent. I tried to DIY straighten it but it didn't help so will be taking the bike to see Shawn and the Bicycle Center. From what little I rode it did feel good and it was really nimble. Once things are better in the spinal department and I can start riding gravel again I can't wait to take it on some fun roads north of here.

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