Monday, April 24, 2023

A little more time in the saddle Monday evening


I was feeling short changed with the Riddley so I hopped on the Jamis and went out for a few more miles. This bike has some new parts, too, and it feels like a whole new bike. I replaced the Litespeed carbon fork with the EC90 Carbon fork from the Voodoo and then longer steering tube pushed the bars much higher and it felt so good. I also replaced the silver Durace brakes with Shimano 105 brakes so that now everything is black and looks cool.

I rolled by Castle Hill Farm for some bovine therapy

but there was only one cow, the Jersey, that I found.

Ferris Acres is now open and there were a few people here despite it being 50 degrees.

I got a spectacular shot of the sun going down after climbing Key Rock

and my back was feeling great.

As the sun set it started to get cold and I realized I could have used another layer.
All in all, my back felt great and I look forward to the next ride.

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