Thursday, March 03, 2022

XC Skiing at Grand Teton National Park

Two years ago I started XC Skiing from this very same spot but it was snowing that day and the Tetons were obscured. Today, however, was not the case and these majestic mountains were in full view.

In fact today it was 40 degrees and the bright son made it even warmer. Here I am with my dad and Peggy.

Such a poser!

And we're off!

A half mile in and the anorak is gone

The gloves are off!

The Grande

Peggy's jacket is off. I went out for an extra two miles and took off my top but when I turned out I found that the wind was coming up the valley and it got cold right quick. We had lunch at Dornan's and I picked up a six pack next door of some MonTucky Cold Snack.  

$9 for a six pack for beer on par with PBR.

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