Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Discovering the world of virtual cycling

I try not to think to far ahead in my cycling activities at what future accomplishments I might achieve because you never know when Mr Murphy is going to pop up.

He showed up at my company's summer picnic and I broke my ankle! It wasn't the kind of break that would require surgery, rather my treatment would be wearing a boot and hobbling around on crutches for month.

After the boot came off I had to wear a brace and started physical therapy but the good news was I could start riding again, albeit indoors, but it was better than nothing.

However, virtual cows and Youtube videos were not giving me the workout that I wanted.  So I decided to try Zwift and boy, what difference!

After two days of riding with Zwift I could fee the difference! I hooked up an old 31 inch flat screen TV to my laptop which made the view really good.

It really gives you a great workout by forcing you to be competitive, it actually gives you a goal, which is to do better than you have before.

When my free trial was up I joined.

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