Monday, September 04, 2017

yêu em thời gian dài (Love you long time)

Day three of my of Labor Day Mountain Biking weekend I headed up to Milford Town Forest in Milford, MA, the home of New England Mountain Bike Association's Vietnam Mountain Biking Park. Due to the holiday weekend I couldn't find a guide so I decided to do a self guided tour with a little help from the ViewRanger App.

I was so excited that I was finally riding the Milford Town Forest that I didn't think to turn on route recording after 10 minutes in.  This isn't a paid endorsement for ViewRanger, but let me tell you, that the accuracy of the software and the map was spectacular and I was able to ride mostly self guided.  There is even an Apple Watch App, too, so I was able to check where I was without having to look at my iPhone.  The only downside to the Watch App, however, is that it doesn't orient in your direction of travel, and with the map oriented to the north and you are heading south you are looking at the map upside down.

That is some buff looking singletrack!

NEMBA influence all over the place!

Nice Glacial Erratic aka BFR!

This rock out cropping was equally impressive

Fat Amy and I were having a blast

My guess that these lichen covered rocks is the reason they call this area Vietnam

Because it looks like all the rocks have camo netting on them

These trails are unbelievably manicured

It was well worth the trip.  Milford Town Forest is now added to my must places to mountain bike in Massachusetts. Definitely looking for another opportunity to return.

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