Friday, November 17, 2017

Zwifting made better thanks to the Bicycle Center in Brookfield!

The Bicycle Center was having a Zwift and CycleOps smart trainer demo the week before Thanksgiving.  

As part of the test ride, they were holding a little contest to see who could sprint the fastest. I had arrived straight from work and wasn't really thinking that I would give a try but it looked so easy so I gave it a go.  

I got on the CycleOps Magnus trainer wearing my work pants, an undershirt, and my right pant leg stuffed into my sock. Fortunately, I was wearing sneakers due to my broken ankle and that being the only type of shoe that I could wear with my brace.

I had been riding a CycleOps dumb trainer for the past two weeks but the Magnus Trainer was a whole new world.  Leaving the start area I noticed some resistance to start heading up to the roller section of the course called the The Esses.  On the downhill, it was easy pedaling but going up the other side of the roller the resistance kicked in and wow, what a difference!  Coming down the hill, I hit the start point and just mashed on the pedals. I wasn't really warmed up but I just hammered it and got a time of 13.5 seconds, which turned out to be the best time of the night and I won the $100 gift card prize!

With the $100 prize and some cash I had laying around from some recent bike sales I was able to buy the Magnus Smart Trainer.

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