Sunday, July 09, 2017

CT Challenge Training Ride (Reverse)

My company decided to participate in the CT Challenge this year and put a team together.  The CT Challenge is a local charity for people fighting cancer and those that have survived by offering wellness and nutrition programs, as well as opportunities for Cancer Survivors to go on trips to experience a variety of outdoor activities that they normally wouldn't have the opportunity to do so. Since I signed up for the Century ride I figured I might as well try the course out but decided to ride it in reverse for some gastronomic reasons.  

The first leg of the trip started out with almost everyone from the Newtown Lunartics Cycling Club and since we were riding to Lake Waramug via Woodbury we just had to stop at OOF (aka Ovens of France).

Of course it wouldn't be a good century ride unless someone got a flat.

Nothing like a little flirting along the way

A quick stop at the State Park for a Papa Romeo

And then we are off again, riding along the lake in which the road is nearly flat all the way around.

Once we got back to Newtown, Gavin and Paul broke off leaving Mike and I to ride to the shore.

Of course, we just had to stop at the Eggz Truck in Bethel!

UFB:  Un F#cking Believable!

A must stop!

I got the Crack Is Wack
Soft Scrambled Eggz, Goat Cheese, Bacon, Fig Spread, Arugula, Toasted Brioche

Mike and I rode down to Compo Beach and then did the beach tour

Stopping at Southport Beach to take in the breath taking views

Then it was back to work to ride back to Sandy Hook

Hundy with 7 more to go!

Nothing beats an ice cold PBR tall boy after good, long ride!

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