Sunday, December 03, 2017

Back to Work!

My brace came off Monday and the Orthopedist gave me the go ahead to start riding outdoors again however that presented a new hurdle because haven't the spent the last two months adjusting to the increasing cold temperatures as winter slowly rolls in.  For my first ride, however, by some stroke of luck, I got it right.

I like starting my rides with the climb up Butterfield Road because it warms you up quickly.  The Weather Channel said it was 46 degrees, but by the time I got to Tunnel Road the Garmin was reading 37 degrees, Brrrr! I have a lot of options starting my rides with the Butterfield Road climb that range from 15 miles to 22 miles which basically follow the same general route. The further south I go, the more miles I get on the ride.

I didn't want to go crazy on my first time out so I opted for the Hattertown Pond Loop. Besides the Butterfield climb, this route has 3 more significant climbs: Tunnel Road; Jacklyn/Codfish Hill; and Brushy Hill making this route almost 100 climbing feet per mile.  Weather depending, I like stopping at the pond and having a snack.  Today, there was a guy fishing.  

I really love the Voodoo Bondye.  It's light and really responsive.  The Mavic hubs roll really smooth and I can really fly down hill pretty quickly. The only thing I need to change is the Crankset.  Riding 53/39t in the southern foot hills of Berkshires is killer. 

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