Friday, December 15, 2017

Fat Amy's walk of shame

There was about an inch of snow when I headed out Thursday morning. There was a school delay so I didn't have to worry about not taking my boys to school. The snow made everything serene and peaceful. The snow that was left over from the weekend had melted somewhat due to the rain but refroze due to the cold snap and with the new snow on top made it crunchy as I rode up the Brodie Road to the four corners.

This where the Mulikin meets the Unmarked and Unsanctioned Trail. Riding with my ViewRanger app on, I decided to ride down DSP so I could get a track of it.  I am still trying to figure out how to create a map using the app, similar to the Trail Forks map but it seems Trail Forks only works if you are connected to a network service.

ViewRanger, on the other hand, works off line and it lets you down load maps for particular riding areas, too.

It was around 15 degrees and I wore my Windstopper Polar Fleece hunting jacket with just a long sleeve shirt underneath and I was still sweating.  In fact, nothing was cold.  I had my light on as another precaution for hunters but I had the forest to myself.

After the Unmarked and Unsanctioned Trail, I continued down the Gussy and then onto the Reach Around is when I noticed that my front wheel was getting a little dishy.  I stopped for a Charmin Tire Squeeze and noticed that I had lost a lot of pressure in the tire so I slowed down and rode out of the forest a lot slower than I would normally have ridden.  I rode a little on Sanford Road towards home but there wasn't enough pressure in the front tire and while the snow provided some cushion it wasn't going to help so I decide to walk the half mile back to my house.

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