Sunday, December 03, 2017

Fat Amy was Jones-n for H

Yet another biking conundrum ... how to dress for cold weather mountain biking.  The last time I rode Fat Amy was early September and it was still summer.  I lucked out this afternoon and picked the right combination of gear and was neither too hot nor too cold.

About a month into my recovery I got the girl ready to ride thinking that I could at least ride some rail trails. I went back to my original flat pedals and I put on a Jeff Jones H-Bar.  These bars remind me of my old FuBars. What's so special about these bars and any kind of swept back bars?  It's a more natural way you would hold your arms, thus reducing the stress on your wrists. 

I decided to try something new in world of digital mapping for Mountain Biking by using this app called ViewRanger. I used the application once before while riding at NEMBA's Vietnam property in Milford, MA, and I was able to follow a decent route and not once did I lose my bearings! The app also has an Apple Watch map, too, which makes for even better navigation. The other option is to use Pinkbike's TrailForks.  I have a pretty detailed map of Upper Paugussett set up there, too.  I will have to test how that works, too.

I just have to figure out a better way to carry iPhone so it's visible. I have a Garmin Quarter Turn adapter mounted to the bottom of Lifeproof case but it kind of conflicts with my existing Garmin mount and the Edge 520.  It won't fit with my Edge 800.  I might see if I can find a way to secure it the top tube.

Before heading up my snowshoe trail aka Old Jalopy V2.0 I noticed a new trail sign a little further down the trail.  I thought that since the Blue Trail was part of Al's Trail that it was a multi-use trail and thus not just a hiking trail. I didn't get to the lower part of the Mulikin to see if there was another sign there. I doubt it.  Doesn't really bother me because I don't really care for this trail anyway.

Heading up the Jalopy Trail I noticed that the tree stand is still there.  That's one of the reasons that I only ride in the forest on Sundays right now.

Riding the new bars was super comfortable and it was such a natural feeling that barely noticed it.  Heading down the Gussy I came across where someone opened up this log that was blocking the trail.  On the one hand I would like to personally thank the person who did this, but I have to remind that person to remember to only cut the log wide enough to allow someone on a mountain bike or horse get through, not tank.  The smaller you can make the cut just adds additional insurance to discourage ATVers.

The Widow Maker was finally taken care of too.  Not that it needed it but it's nice to see it gone.

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