Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday night shop ride with the Bicycle Center

I have been trying to get a lunch ride organized at work for the past week and so this Thursday I bring my bike but no one else brought theirs.  Leaving work around 5:15 I checked in with my wife to see what was going on and I wasn't really needed at home so I turned around and headed over to the Bicycle Center in Brookfield for their shop ride.

Besides some of the shop employees, like Will and Shawn (below) the only other person I new from doing one ride last year was this older gentleman from Belgium, named Louie.

Ironically, today's route was exactly the same route I rode with the shop last year, and the only time I rode with them.

We headed towards Route 25 in a round about way because Shawn didn't want to take everyone up Silvermine Hill because it's steep and winds and would be bad for a group of cyclists at rush hour.

At the intersection of Wewakama there were some nice Dames Rocket flowers

Technically an invasive there are still really nice to look at and very fragrant

Of the 20 riders starting out, about half made it to the intersection with Wewakama.  From here an A Group took off and I stuck with B Group.  By the time we got to Clapboard Road in Bridgewater, the B group had dwindled down to 5 riders!

We were really running late and the sun started to set by the time we got back to Route 25

I think this was the 3rd ride this year on the Cannondale this year.  I am so behind in my riding and the year is almost half over and I haven't even broken 1000 miles yet!

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