Monday, March 30, 2015

Velo Wa (和): Harmony, Peace, Balance

Riding up to the Sandy Hook Ride on Washington at Edmond Town Hall on Saturday from my house it was flurrying and cold.  I had all the right gear on except I made one mistake, wrong gloves.  I had my gloves with the removable overmitts but really didn't have enough insulation for temps below 32 degrees and later when Team 26 started riding towards Fairfield Hills, my hands were numb!

When we got over to Fairfield Hills I headed over to Youth Academy to get a cup of coffee and warm up.  That worked!  Team 26 already left on their journey towards Bethel and beyond, so I went for a quick loop around town and then headed home.

I wanted to do more, and had the Get out of Jail Free Card to do so but I was so upset with myself for not having prepared sufficiently that I couldn't find my WA for a longer ride.  The other thing bothering me and thus keeping me from my WA was the fact that my backside was getting wet because I didn't bother putting on my rear fender.

By the time I got home, my whole bike was covered in frozen, brown slime.  It's funny, and I said this before, I spent the first two months of winter avoiding riding in these conditions.  Now that it's spring I feel that I must ride because it's spring, and now I am riding in the conditions that I just spent the last two months avoiding.  I guess I shouldn't have avoided them.

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