Sunday, December 07, 2014

Another Milestone!

Another week of missed opportunities to ride to work left me with only being able to get out on Sunday and boy was it cold especially with the wind on the homeward leg.  I did pretty preparing for today's ride in the low 30 deg F.  No doubt, the Lake303s were on the feet, thermal tights, and most importantly, my top layers including a whicking long sleeve, running shirt and my Cannondale Performance Softshell.  Also my Cannondale convertible riding gloves that have a lobster like shell covers are perfect in these temperatures and glad I didn't go for the Lobster Gloves.

Today's route was sort of an experiment and flying blind at the same time.  It first started out by climbing Butterfield Road because it's steep and I got heated up fast, almost too fast and thought that I was going to get cold from the sweating but then I found by unzipping the outer shell and opening my running shirt a bit I settled into a perfect venting situation where I never got too cold and never too warm, either.

I planned today's ride on Ride With GPS but RWG is still showing that Poverty Hollow still doesn't go through so while I planned the route go down Hopewell Road I figured when I got to the intersection with Hopewell and I didn't see a sign I would be home free.  Sure enough, no sign, and from the bridge that was redone to Reading's Church Hill, it was sweet and creamy Black Butter!

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