Saturday, November 01, 2014

This week in Bike Commuting: Riding with a small Laptop!

My new laptop came in at work and I was quick to transition over to it. Riding with it was fantastic. It fit nicely in my pannier and I can now close it up.  This will keep it nice and dry in wet weather!  I did, however, have one little mishap on the ride in to work Tuesday morning.

On the dirt section of Pond Brook Rd, the road seemed a bit more bumpier than usual, and my have been caused by my new commuting tires running at 80 psi, the pannier sounded like it was rattling more than usual so I quickly looked back to check on it an found that it wasn't secure on the rack but before I hit the brakes it fell off!  Fortunately the laptop was inside another bag with padding.  So this doesn't happen again, I am securing the pannier with a pedal strap so that it can't come off the rack.

On Wednesday morning I rode to work with the laptop in a new messenger bag from Patagonia.  I have retired my Timbuk2 messenger bag for one that my father gave me that he'll never use since he is retired.  It's got everything I wished my Timbukt2 bag had; like a reflector on the outside cover, blinky strap, and a waist strap.  It never shifted riding with it! Can't wait to try it on the Singlespeed! 

Wednesday night was another great test because it just started raining when I left the office. I thought of riding without my rain jacket but realized it was raining a lot harder than I first thought. By the time I was at the back of the office park, I also needed to switch from my fingerless gloves to my neoprene wet weather riding gloves.  I wasn't a total sniveling idiot, though, because I didn't put my pants on and rode the whole way in shorts. Rule #5 & 9

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