Friday, October 24, 2014

This week in Bike Commuting: Hot and Cold

I came up with a new solution for the front rack on the Randomuter to hold the battery for my headlight.  Using some additional hook and loop straps I was able to mount my Timbukt2 top tube back to the rack and the forward facing straps hook nicely on to the upward section of the rack.  It's a perfect fit for the battery and extra wire with room to spare for anything else I might need.

However, leaving after sunrise meant lights weren't really necessary but Monday was below 30 degrees and I definitely needed the snivel gear for the ride into work.  Since my laptop was in the pannier I wore my new reflector vest.  While not really necessary in broad daylight I figured I might as well get used to riding with it on.

The temperature Monday was just warm enough for shorts and no ear mufti, just barely, and on Tuesday it was even considerably warmer in the morning, 50 degrees in fact!  Bob Maxon's forecast was for a chance of rain in the late afternoon and early evening.

Leaving the office it was sprinkling so it was good I threw on the rain jacket and I went back to the backpack for the laptop because I really don't want to be riding in the rain with an open pannier. That is the only way I can carry the laptop in my pannier.  When I get my new laptop, it won't matter because it's so small it will fit either in the pannier or I have new messenger bag for it so I will look really cool and hip!

I attached an old headlight that I used for night snowshoeing on the back of my helmet for some additional nighttime visibility and the Top Tube bag is working out great.  The only downside of the week was I discovered was the front fender flap almost came off.  Looks like I might have kicked it and it tore on one side.  I guess it now gives me a reason to replace them with aluminum ones.

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