Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Add Air

I got an email the other day from Wheel & Spocket and while I am pretty well flush for parts I decided to click deeper to see what they might be offering that could be interesting and that is when I came across this wheelset offer from  

$99 for a Track Wheelset!  The deal comes with tires (700 x 23c), tubes, track nuts, 16t cog  and lock ring!    I couldn't pass that up and this is the perfect wheelset for the Dave Scott.  52:16 is going to be smoking!

OK, so the rubber is not the best but it will last long enough till I can find a good deal on some Conti's, not to mention I think I have some nice 23c Italian Rubber laying around somewhere.


29ner said...

Wow, nice find. Deep Dish Chicago syle. Enjoy.

Brendan said...

52:16? How will you ride this bike in CT?

Mark said...

@Brendan by not riding any really big hills.