Sunday, February 08, 2009

The only thing fixed gears and XC Skiing have in common is ...

... no brakes! Still not riding because of all the snow we still have so I have gone back to XC Skiing. Went back to Upper Paugussett today. Again, perfect snow for the type of skiing I like which is basically bust your own track. The fire road is pretty well packed down and you can really get going on it.

Below are the tracks of my last three adventures in the forest. The red line represents the ride I tried last month which was an utter disaster that forced me to accept that mountain biking done for the winter in these parts. The green line is my pre Superbowl exploration and the blue is today's track.

There is some really good potential west of the fire road. I revisted that trail I found coming off the fire road and skiied to the rock wall and continued to follow it but that wasn't really a trail. Still I busted some track till I found a break in the stone wall and then looped back around to the south west following an old skidder trail. I have ridden back here a few times but the area is choked with little saplings.

I headed over to the Kissing Oak loop. Going clockwise was much better then last weekend except one westward facing slope had no snow and ever where there was snow, in order to stay on the white trail I had to side step up the hill. Took a shot of myself at Kissing Oak and then headed out to try and perfect what I am calling the Kissing Oak Loop.

Found this bottle of Flying Dog Amber hiding behind a tree with a chiped top. Before packing it out I thought a little photo op would be appropriate.

My track into the big Cut Down. I love when it's 45 degrees and the snow is so soft and slick. Even busting a new track you can still get a good glide.

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