Monday, January 07, 2008

Winter Riding Reminders

All this warm weather we are having, while great for mountain biking, is taking it's toll on the trails. The CT DEP is asking mountain bikers to be considerate of the temperate conditions and the impact that they are having on on the trails. I saw this yesterday at Trumbull and got a first hand splattering of mud, too. I am going to wait till the next freeze before I start riding again.

Additionally, keep in mind that State Forests and Parks in Connecticut close at sunset. If you are going to ride at night, you could get a ticket! I got this note sent to me by the President of CTNEMBA:

Another thing we have been having lots of NIght Riders at Huntington, coming here after 6 pm for night time rides. recently we have had to start writing tickets for hours of operation to and or simple tresspass to curb some of this. The last 6 guys were quite irate as you can imagine...also its amazing the amount of riders that come out as soon as we get a thaw, the trails are getting hammered.
Please be mindful of the trails during the thawing conditions.

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