Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I joined International Mountain Biking Association Today!

I figured it was time that I branch out my support for mountain biking to the national level. CTNEMBA is heavily involved with IMBA, in fact had their trail care crew come out the last two consectcutive years, 2007 to Bluff Point, and 2006 to Cockaponset. Since most of the other board members were already members, I decided it was finally time. Guess this means I am really dedicated to mountain biking!

The free socks were the icing on the cake, though:

You can never have enough biking socks.

They have some great adds, too, that I find really funny:

So, if you are an advid biker and want to do your part in the national fight to preserve moutain biking, please join IMBA.

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