Thursday, September 07, 2006

Q Ball and the Upper Paugaussett State Forest

Kind of sounds like the start of some children's story but its not. Now that I am all healed up from my surgery and can ride again, I am back in the forest once again. Nothing much has changed except I am noticing alot more different Waffle patterns in the dirt. There have been no new trees taken down for forestry practises. I wish the state would come in and cut down the stuff they have marked because that will be the opening of some more riding opportunities.

The Mulikin Trail is starting to get some traffic. Noticed some new tire tracks and section that I rerouted through the ferns is alot more defined now. Riding the 29er on this trail presents some different issues, the first being after the up and over making the turn onto the portion of the trail that goes through the thickets and the stone wall. The wet section which encompases the turn probably should be smoothed out into a better flowing arc. Making a hard right with little or no momentum is tough on the Q Ball.

On the graded section leading up to the first stream crossing, I have spent two sessions cutting the downed tree that is blocking the trail. It's a thick black birch. I think another 15 minutes with my hand saw will do the trick. The first stream crossing also needs some smoothing out for riding through with the Q Ball. Same goes for the third stream crossing. Trying to make a sharp right and then hit the small up and over the tree is tough on very little momentum. Of course, I think what is also needed is a fork in the ferns that makes a gradual climb back up to the trail that leads back to the Polly Brody.

I think I have met the someone who has discovered the Mulikin and I am going to ride with him this Saturday. He sees alot of potentional here, especially now that access at Ninham is pretty limited.

Singlespeed and Rigid Riding is still fantastic!

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