Saturday, September 16, 2006

After 2 lessons, my 5 yr old rides without training wheels!

I read about a method in Bicycling magazine to get your kids to ride without training wheels and it worked for my daughter. I spent to previous Saturdays, letting her roll down a grassy slope to get used to the bike staying upright and finding her balance. After the second session, she found her balance and started riding!

For the third session, we went over to one of the local school parking lots that has a big driveway, a huge lot and drop off circle. It took her a few tries to get the hang of just starting from a stopped position but she quickly mastered that and took off riding!

Now, she doesn't hesitate to just jump on her bike and start riding around our driveway and since her tires are beefy enough, I have told her to feel free to ride on the grass to give her even more riding area. It just crabgrass anyway. Up next will be the Monroe Rail Trail!

I am so proud of her! Posted by Picasa

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