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Monday, February 07, 2011

Electric Blue

While rushing to the train last week, couldn't find a metered spot at Goldens Bridge so I had to drive down to Katonah where I came across this interesting station commuter, the bike lockup is right next to the station entrance.  Of course, I like how the owner is taking up the whole lockup rather than parking the bike perpendicularly as it is intended to be used.  That hub doesn't look like a QR but I could be mistaken.  

The nagging question on my mind was why are there chains on the front wheel?  Then, looking at it close up, I see that it has canti's and then I realize that front hub is not a drum brake, rather an electric motor!  Now that is cool.


Brendan said...

Even with no motor, if you've only got one set of chains, put them in front. It's front wheel wash out on ice and snow that's a bigger problem than loss of traction when pedaling.

Ben said...

I've wondered the same thing -- where is it best to put one chain and concluded the front makes sense...get the front in order and the back will follow I suppose....