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Friday, August 25, 2006

Popped my 29er/Single Speed Cherry

Actually popped quite a few cherries last night:

1. Single Speed
2. 29er
3. Riding Rigid
4. Clipless pedals
5. Sub 40lb bike

It was amazing! And I don't think I will ever ride geary again! OMG, it was f'ing fantastic! This dog can freakin' hunt. Took the Q Ball to a popular ride spot called Mianus (also affectionately knows as My Anus) last night and had a blast! Great accelleration, climbs like a horny mountain goat and rolls over the gnarliest, rockiest, rootiest rock gardens. I chickened out a few times but plowed through quite a bit as well as my confidence built up. Single Speed totally rocks! I know understand why so many people try SS don't go back. Acceleration is so smooth! Of course clipless helps immensely and its a good thing I decided to wear all my armor this evening because I went down quite a few times. If it wasn't for the armor I would be bleeding from all over the place.

I especially love how I don't have to prepare to be in the right gear when hitting a climb. In fact, initially my fingers were reaching of for shifters a couple of times. I climbed just about everything, and the climbs that I had to walk, I started them, either unclipped in time or didn't and went down hard a few times.Being fully rigid was a unique exerience as well. Makes one think about where you are headed. I can see adding some suspension up front, but not much, though. Just enough to take the edge off. I can't wait to ride my Q Ball some more, especially on my local trails. Not sure I want ride my 40lb Giant AC any more.

So, here is my $1400 Bottle Opener!

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Mark said...


Diana said...

Awesome! Congratulations on the new ride :)

I don't know much about single speed or the 29" bikes. What's the appeal of single speed and how is it in comparison to geared? Is it like always riding in say 2 and 4? Or something completely different?

Does it make climbing harder? easier?

Mark said...