Saturday, June 10, 2023

Overlapping with Pride

If you have ever ridden with me you know I don't like to rider overlaps. I like my routes to be loops and this aversion to overlapping I call Cycling Route OCD or CROC'd. I had been asked to help set up my company's booth for Pride in the Park at Veterans Memorial in Norwalk on Saturday at 11:30 am and I figured I could work in a ride before hand.

I parked at co-worker's house who also lives in Norwalk and headed north towards Westport. I crossed over the Saugatuck River on the train bridge path but unfortunately there weren't any trains. This route is kind of typical, train bridge, Longshore, Compo Beach, Southport Beach, Little Danbury, Pennfield Beach, and then head back, south of Merritt Parkway.

Riding through Longshore I paid my respects to Gloria, a lobster or clam boat, that got wrecked during one of the storms a few years ago and was never repaired.

Ride past the minute man

Loop through Compo Beach

I came upon this cyclist in the middle of the road and when I called out, On Your Left, he just ignored me. I sped up and was passing him when I said it again and we startled a bit because he had headphones on. What an idiot. That's a great way to get yourself killed.

Like the Minuteman, I have to see the cannons.

There was very little wind initially

Perfect beach weather!

Rode past Southport Beach and then headed out onto the spit at Little Danbury

I had to see the Little Green Trike!

When I got to Old Post Road I looked at my watch and saw that it was 10:30 so I decided to retrace my route back to where I started. Yes, I was overlapping.

I rode the fastest way to the park while trying to stay off any really busy roads and I made it Veterans Memorial in a 30 minutes only to find the booth all set up and event already rolling.

I was able to do the whole ride in the big ring, too!

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