Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Variations on a Theme

It's getting harder to come up with a different route each week for Riding Club Ilumenati's Tuesday Night rides. The route for this evening's ride had us cutting through the northern part of the Park City and there were a lot of cars. However, this was the only way over to the rail trail so it was a necessary evil.

It was a bit cooler to start but then warmed up as we got closer to the sound only to cool off again when we turned north and away from the water. We cut through Twin Brooks and found the trail that connects the Park to the neighborhood next to Daniel's Farm Road. From there it's a quick jog up to the rail trail.

This evening we rode the entire section of the Trumbull Rail Trail and then picked up our usual route by heading off to Garder Road

At the end of the Garder Road it was time for our customary dehydration/rehydration brake

At the intersection of Meadow Brook and Huntington Roads one in our group, Pete, had a little mishap and ended up on the deck. It looked like his hanger was bent and his Di2 shifting was kaput. He took off a head of us for the cars with only two gears, hard and harder. We must have been hammering because we never caught up to him.

We tailgated at the cars with Founders All Day IPA and donuts.

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