Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Haute Dog Hotel Route to OOF ... sort of

Gavin wanted to do a big ride Saturday morning with the early warm temperatures we were experiencing but with my wife out of town there were fatherly duties to attend midday Saturday. We decided to part company at Ovens of France.  For some reason, I can never get the transition down when crossing Route 6 and we always wind up back on Route 6.

Nothing beats OOF on a Saturday morning, though, or any morning for that matter. The danish, as usual was out of this world. I have switched from strictly the Ham and Cheese Croissant to favoring the Chocolate Almond Croissant.  Add a cup of hot, French Roast coffee, some great comrades and it's a great breakfast.

Gavin and Mike were headed on a route that I came up the day before that I call the Devil's Poggio. From OOF you head back on Rt 6 to Rt 47 and then turn off on Rt 132 towards Bethlehem and the big climb, known to the local riding community as the Southwestern CT version of the Poggio. From there, cut through the southern section of Bethlehem and over to Magnolia Hill Road passed the Devil's Valley Farm where we saw a rough looking, chainsaw wielding woman last year.  Then bomb down Hard Hill, ride out past Quassy and then back to OOF and the yuuge route to Cover Two. 

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