Friday, February 23, 2018

The Virtual Cyclist

Shortly after New Years I came down with an upper respiratory infection that kept me off the bike for a week and the really cold weather following meant no more hot dates with Fat Amy. So, that meant back to the pain cave which I usually cannot tolerate but due to an unfortunate accident that befell me in the latter part of the prior year prompted me to get hooked on Zwift.

Then Mr Murphy showed up again while I was Telemark skiing at Mohawk Mountain on Martin Luther King Jr's holiday and I broke my right ankle! I felt like Joe Btfsplk from the Li'l Abner, the character with the dark cloud over him all the time. Right at the height of ski season, too.

Two weeks later the doctor gave me the all clear to start riding indoors on the trainer again and I have been going all out!  Riding Zwift, I went over 10K miles on Synapse and this month I am going to break 500 miles and I might even be able to take Fat Amy out again by the end of the month!

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