Monday, August 07, 2017

Breakfast with the Newtown Lunartics and Lunch with the Knuckleheads

To get ready for D2R2 I set out on a Sunday to do a big ride that started out with a few Newtown Lunartics and breakfast at our favorite French Bakery in Woodbury, CT.

Of course it wouldn't be a good ride if there weren't cows to look at

One of the most scenic routes to Lake Waramug includes climing Camel Hill

That feeling you get after a good climb in which you are asking yourself, "why am I doing this again?"

Bringing back memories, at this very spot a few weeks ago my right shifter cable broke on the CT Challenge Century ride and the uncertainty of having to ride back to Newtown using two gears in order to pick up another bike and finishing the ride.

Refilling the tanks at the 9 Main Cafe and Deli in New Preston

Enjoying the Cornwall scenery as I continue riding north but what was that awful smell? 

A huge pile of cowshit at the top Cream Hill, really?
It should be renamed Cow Shit Hill!

Despite the smell, the view of the Berkshires was spectacular.
Mt Frissel to the left and Mt Everrett to the right.

Turning west, I rode through Lime Rock

and drafted on some farm machinery

Guess the neighbors don't appreciate the noise Lime Rock Speedway makes

I met the Knuckleheads in Millerton and we had lunch together at the Hathaway Young Cafe

Keeping Wassaic Wierd!

Then it was down the Harlem Valley Railtrail for a bit

Those knuckleheads ended up reversing direction and caught up to me in Amenia

One last stop in New Milford.  Iberia Coconut Water is pretty good but the chunks of Coconut tend to clog up my water bottle spouts.

Once again, nothing beats an ice cold PBR after a long, hard ride!

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