Saturday, May 21, 2016

A stem at half mast feels right

Shawn at the Bicycle Center is a magician!  I showed him the unhappy stem and we talked numbers, and came up with a replacement from Origin 8!

The new stem is perfect!  Not too long and not too short.  The perfect angle, too.  While on my test ride today it was great.  I was a bit premature in re-wrapping the bars because the left brake lever is a bit too high.  On top of that I think I need different bars.  Either bull horns or regular drop bars.

I ended up going back to the original set of bars that came with the bike and the following day I decided to ride the Paramount to work.  Everything felt great.  The hoods were now in the right place to get the leverage that I needed to climb and it just feels much better.

In order to minimize the climbing because my gearing isn't conducive to New England, I extended my route home to avoid climbing back up Newtown Turnpike and in doing so ended up with a round trip total of 62 miles, or a Canadian Century.

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