Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mud On the Spot

Dark Blue is Today's Ride
It's been awhile since the last time I rode Upper Paugussett so I jumped On the Spot and headed down to Silver City to enter the forest there because I am getting tired of the other route that I usually take.  I had heard that Cannondale had a demo day at the Boat Ramp last Sunday so I also wanted to get an idea of how chewed up the trails might be.  The Gussy was fine but the Mulikin Trail was another story.

I am still dialing in the Spot.  I only have 5 or 6 rides on it so far and climbing the fire road to the Gussy trail was interesting.  I made it up 3 of the four sections of the climb but spun out on the last one, the easiest one, too!  I think, because the bike is so light, I should have been in a higher gear and not out of the saddle.  Something to think about.

The Mulikin Trail is really bushy and need of some trimming.  

And really muddy, too!  All the rain last week didn't help, either.  The section of trail shown in the photo above needs to be closed and re-routed because it's just way too muddy and has been for a long time.  There is a re-route, it just needs to be better defined and what's cool is off of that you can see a really big roller that I want to try sometime.

The trail gnomes have been busy, they armored this stream crossing.  The two other stream crossing further up the trail need armoring, too.  Hint, hint.  Especially since now that the trail is getting so much use.

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