Sunday, October 14, 2007

Riding the Horse!

Since picking up the MKIII, unfortunately I haven't had a lot of opportunity to ride, and have subsequently ridden at Cromwell Creek 9/28 (which goes by some other name that I can't find), Upper Paugussett 10/7, and Trumbull 10/14.

Cromwell Creek could be a nice place to ride but unfortunately it has been ravaged by by ATVers. Most of the trails in the southern section are now dual track, although there is nice singletrack that skirts the ravine of the creek that flows into the CT River.

The following weekend I hit up Upper Paugussett and I decide, new bike, let's try the Al's trail again and what a mistake that was. The Horse handled it fine but not my confidence. Needless to say I got some exercise out of that ride.

Today I hit Trumbull, aka Old Mine Park, aka Pequonnock River Valley for a solo XC fest. I think that was the first time I rode there alone. It was nice. I hammered the horse up and down the river valley. Parking at Whitney Avenue has improved, on account that the rail trail now connects the real Old Mine Park and its now paved :(

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