Monday, September 24, 2007

Anyone want to buy a 29er?

Just kidding, I would never sell my Qball but here is my new ride, an Iron Horse MKIII Comp.

Tim at EMS in Manchester, CT hooked me up with a 30% deal on what I think was the last XL COMP on the east coast. Picked it up at the Fall Fiesta on Sunday and subsequently put 16 miles on it and not once did I tire from riding it. It rides like buttah and fits like a glove. Bike came with Crank Brother Candy pedals which Tim said he liked better than Shimanos. So, I decided to try them out and I found that I really like them.

Ironically, I just purchased another pair of used Shimanos for $20 that I will probably sell now because I just ordered a pair of Crank Brother's Smartys, in red, for the Qball. When I get them on, I will post another picture. You have to see this bike with red Oury grips, red fork, and red pedals. Of course, the Redline chain tensioners I thought would be a little redder but they are not.

I climbed technical ups that I probably would have tanked on my 29er and that has squish now and rides handsomely. Here it is before I changed had the cranksets switched with the Fetish. No need for bash guard on a bike that I am turning into a commuter.

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