Friday, June 30, 2006

Return of Volleyball Knee

Been pretty busy at work since the RAW ride. Should have ridden on Wednesday morning because I woke up really early and decided to go the office at 6 AM only to find that Security doesn't come in till 7 so I couldn't get into my office because I still didn't have a key. That was a total waste of good morning. To make up for it, I rode Friday morning (6/23) in Paugussett. It was good ride. Fooled around in the forested area looking to make a loop off the forest road and add some miles to my workout loop. I may have found something but I am going to wait for winter to do something more permanent.

What this trail will do is run through the area that was logged last year, pick up a section of Al's trail to kissing oak, then take the white trail back to the forest road. There is one blow down that needs some though about how to get over without having to stop any walk it. I might try piling rocks between the trees but I am not going to do anything till after hunting season.

Saturday, I rode Lower Paugussett with Spillski of Crankfire fame. It was a total climb fest and since we just gotten about 4 inches of rain the day and night before everything was super slippery. None-the-less, a good ride, short, but good. Later that day, I noticed that my left knee hurt like the dickens. Especially when carrying Elliot down the stairs. Took some Aleve that helped somewhat but I could still feel it.

Did a little research online and figured out that I had Patella Tendonitis, aka Volleyball knee. Nothing new, I have always had a problem with my left knee but I never thought that it might give me trouble from biking. Well, it does. I just have to make sure that I don't over due like I did by riding two days back to back. Also, I started to where this knee brace that I have had for the longest time. I never liked it because it always rode down on me when I was running. What I needed was a garter belt to keep it up. I could just see it now, I'd look like Dr Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show running down the road.

The knee brace works great with my knee and shin gaurds on. Barely slips down. Rode the Pequonnock River Valley with Dave M. aka TrumbullCT from the Rag on Friday, with the brace and the knee felt great!!!

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